November 05, 2018

The world is like a book ⠀
With every place we travel, we read another page ⠀

Near or far, we have you covered with our Italian Leather PASSPORT.

A unisex offering perfect for travel. Fits your tickets and itineraries inside or out. Tuck your passport in securely within. It has replaced my wallet as an everyday organizer. In addition to everything else, I fit my phone (outside or inside pocket) as well as lip balm and gum (inside). Shapes naturally to your daily carry.

This is a limited edition offering from Stash as we currently do not plan to build another round. Quantities are running low as we approach the holidays.

More than 15 pockets ⠀
Antique brass zippers inside and out ⠀
Wrist strap included ⠀
Crossbody strap available ⠀