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Bowe Pack | Liberty Bison

ORIGINAL STYLE \ The Bowe Pack was designed with Mark Bowe for Barnwood Builders : Two Businesses (Episode 910). Read more on that and our design build process here.

What happens when you need to carry things like a multi-tool, pocket knife, notepad, pen, phone and an assortment of other small things like sunglasses and a small tape but you don't want pockets bulging? Small, lightweight, accessible at the hip. 

And you need to go from work to a dinner out and still look cool but have all of the things you need at hand. Those are some of the specifications we took down when talking with Mark about his new bag. 

While in design, we called it the "Manny Pack" and Mark decided it was a "Manly Pack" so our working title for this project is "Manly Pack". However, it is downright unisex useful and our entire team of women builders decided this pack would make a great accessory for our daily work.

For this run, we merged all-American rugged bison and antique brass hardware with rivets at the top of most-wear stitch points. We punched belt loops on an extra pocket on the back. Two pockets on front. One inside. One on back.

A limited run now available in two shades of Bison.

Overall Size | approx 6.5in w x 8.5in h
Front Pocket Size (2 Pocket Spaces) | 3in w x 4in 
Interior Pocket Space | 5.95in w x 8in h
Back Pocket Space | 4.65in w x 7in h
Belt Loop Holes | 2in tall