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Meet Stash

A Short Film for Stash Co
To give you a sense of our Stash Family.
film by Micah Bickham
music by Wandering Buffaleros

Who is Stash?

Recorded at the Haynes Mattress Factory in Sealy, Texas. 
Meet Cheryl Schulke, the owner and primary builder behind the bag and brand of Stash.
video by Debora Smail and Shoot. Edit. Sleep.
music by J. Raphael Klein

This segment was produced by Kelly Garcia for her documentary, The Pinpoint Method.
video footage by Trae Stanley
edited by Micah Bickham
music by Wandering Buffaleros


Special thanks to Sabrina Miskelly, Reginald, and the folks at Mirror Mirror.

We are the first segment in the episode.