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Our Story


I am a builder. A lover of materials. Of histories. Leather. Cloth. Wood. Metal. Bone. Anything wrought by hand. A seeker, a collector of all things branded, uniquely-finished, battle-scarred, character-driven. It is how I was given the nickname of Stash. My gathering and keeping of materials. I cut and build daily with my team of artisans. Driven by tactile beauty transformed into a useable daily good.  

For more than a decade, our product has been made by our hands. A women-owned business, we work in a historic factory space in the heart of Texas. Our leather goods have shipped around the world. Our focus is and always will be mindful over mass production.

When you buy a piece of Stash, you are investing in a unique handmade item for which detail care went into production from hand-cutting to the final stitch and rivet. We embrace patina which is signature to our brand and may include brands, distress, and variations that imbue each item with one-of-a-kind character.