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Soul Shine Candle

Raise your vibration.

When Make &I Mary made their Soulshine Ritual Candle, they knew they only wanted to use pure essential oils and no artificial fragrances. They were inspired by ancestral practices using Palo Santos, Tulsi and other oils often used in ritual to clear negative energies and raise vibrations. They also made it to be beautiful and reusable.


  • Palo Santos to clear unwanted energies
  • Holy Basil to purify the air
  • Cardamom to refresh the mind
  • Cedarwood to slow the breath
  • Ylang Ylang to comfort the body
  • Bergamot to alleviate stress

The scent is fresh and luxurious, each essence was chosen to evoke a senses of calm. Aromatic oils have been known to have a positive effect on your spirit and psyche by working in concert with the Limbic system. That’s because minuscule essential oil molecules are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs when inhaled. Essential oil candles burn clean. They promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, stress and even induce quality sleep.